Salty Dog Wash


Professional Grooming prices vary due to breed and size of dog. We will give you an estimate over the phone or upon arrival, however this is only an estimate.

Before your arrival:

  1. Make sure your pet has time to relieve themselves before your arrival at the Salty Dog Wash. Pet waste bags are available outside the shop and inside at front desk if needed.
  2. If your pet is “high energy”, try to allow them to release some energy before coming in. A good long walk, run or swim before arriving will help.
  3. In order to maintain the cleanliness of our store and protect the health of our other customers, Salty Dog Wash enforces a strict policy regarding fleas and ticks. If your dog has fleas or you suspect your dog might have fleas please call us before you bring your dog in the shop. We want to make sure we can get your dog is with a groomer as quickly as possible and give him the relief he needs but also minimize his contact with other customers. Remember to give others the respect you would want them to give you. If we notice that your dog has fleas, it will be bathed with our safe and natural flea bath treatment. It is especially effective at killing fleas, lice and ticks. This baby-mild formula cleans and conditions with maximum effectiveness. It cleans without stripping essential oils and your dog will love you for it! If your dog requires this service a small additional charge will be added to grooming price. This service will help in the cleanliness or our store and help keep all dogs healthy.
  4. Our experience locally is that our pets have become resistant to Frontline and Advantage. Ask your veterinarian about Revolution or Nexguard flea treatments.