Salty Dog Wash

Self Serve Dog Wash

At Salty Dog Wash, we supply everything you need for a successful do-it-yourself affordable bathing option for your “Salty Dog”. The health of your dog is important to us. We provide a clean environment for your pet and take care of sanitizing each tub after every wash so they are clean and disinfected for each “salty” dog.

Wash includes: 45 minutes of tub time, house shampoo, facial wash, ear wipes, brush, scrubber, absorbent towels, & professional hair dryer. Due to the Covid-19 virus we are no longer able to offer aprons so please dress to get wet. After all is said and done, WE CLEAN UP THE MESS.

We suggest you wear short sleeves and non-slip shoes.

Each of our tubs is specially designed so you don’t have to stoop or kneel and you can access both sides of the tub. This is perfect if you want to bring friends and family to make this a fun bonding experience with your pup.

Built in restraints keep your dog safely in the tub and should be used at all times.

A step is built in at the end of the tub so you won’t have to lift your pooch. We also have a ramp you may use it you'd like.

Hand held sprayers are easily operated with just a squeeze of a trigger with temperature controlled water for the comfort and safety of your pet.

Quality house shampoo, facial wash, brush, ear cleaning solution, cotton swabs and a rubber scrubber are all included in our basic price. We also offer specialty items, such as whitening shampoo, conditioner, sensitive skin shampoo, etc. for an additional charge. Please see our prices for details.

After your pet is thoroughly rinsed, we provide plenty of towels and a professional grooming dryer, which hyper-evaporates and sweeps the water from the coat. These dryers are designed so they do not overheat your dog and the forced air will help blow out the rest of the loose fur from your dog’s coat.

We will be happy to walk you through these steps on your first visit.

Once all the fun is over, you leave the mess to US!



Small Dogs (15 lbs. & under)  $16
Medium Dogs (16-50 lbs.) $20
Large Dogs (51-85 lbs.) $23
Extra Large Dogs (over 85 lbs.) $25
Police accompanied K9 Dogs Always Free

Adopt a shelter dog? Bring in your adoption paperwork within the first 3 months and your new dog’s first self-serve wash is on the house. It’s our way of saying THANKS for saving a life. Show your military I.D. and receive a discount on self-service washing.



Specialty shampoos upgrades $2 (sensitive skin, whitening, etc.)
Conditioner upgrade $2
Nail Trim With Self-Serve Wash $13.00-$15.00
Nail Trim by appointment $18.00-$25.00 depending on difficulty;  $15.00-$20.00 cash



  • Make sure your pet has had time to relieve themselves before your arrival at the Salty Dog Wash. Pet waste bags are available outside the shop and inside at front desk if needed. If your pet is “high energy”, try to release some energy before coming in. A good long walk, run or swim before arriving will help. Two or more people for the bath may be helpful and more fun!!
  • Setting up the coat leads to better results. Before the bath brush your dog thoroughly to loosen any fur, mats, or tangles. Water and bathing will only tighten the mats and set them deeper. However, we have dematting sprays and tools for the really tough ones.
  • In order to maintain the cleanliness of our store and protect the health of all customers, Salty Dog Wash enforces a strict policy regarding fleas and ticks. If your dog has fleas or you suspect your dog might have fleas please call us before you bring your dog into the shop. We want to make sure we can get your dog in a tub as quickly as possible and give him the relief he needs and also minimize his contact with other customers. Remember to give others the respect you would want them to give you.